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A Huge Display of Art at Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi! Can You Check Them All Out for Free in One Spot?

If you hear the name “Roppongi”, you’re first thoughts are probably “it’s a place filled with clubs, bars and other entertainment that supports night life scene.”Despite this however, we took on the challenge of introducing you to the excitement that Roppongi in the day time has to offer.


Make the Ordinary Asakusa Tour Even More Enjoyable! Experience Wearing Kimono at KOTO!

Asakusa is one of the popular sightseeing spots in Tokyo. People from all over the world come here to visit Sensoji Temple, Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate), Sumidagawa (Sumida River), and Tokyo Sky Tree.


Grab Your Scoop on the Ever-Popular Sightseeing Destination in Tokyo, Ueno Zoo!

Our reporters Tina Tamashiro and Alisa Urahama visited Japan’s oldest zoo, Ueno Zoo! Not only does it boast being Japan’s most frequented zoo, but it has also been around for more than 130 years!


Pick Up Some Great Bargains for Speciality Goods at Ueno’s Biggest Market “Ame Yoko”!

On this trip, we headed to Ame Yoko in Ueno, one of Japan’s biggest markets. All year round this market is bustling with people and it’s not just filled with Japanese tourists but also tourists from other countries.


The differences between the first interview and the second. Master the key points, and get hired!

This article will talk about the general differences between the first interview and the second one, from the prospective of interviewer and interviewee separately. And to explain some questions which are most likely to be asked.


Should we send a Thanks letter after the interview?——The role Thanks letter plays and how to write it.

A Thanks letter after the interview can show how much you want to get the job to the company further. This article will introduce to you how to write and send this answering mail after the interview.


Zazen Experience at Ryuunji : Clear Your Mind and Attain Enlightenment

If you work to death and become too tired, it will affect your appearance as well…! So, we visited Ryuunji (Ryuun Temple) in Setagaya


The final push! What to beware of during the offer phase

It is important to prioritize your list of candidates, allow them to get a feel for the company and check their job changing status during the offer phase. Offers must be sent out as early as possible.


Big Eaters Rejoice! Where to Find Bigger Portions in Tokyo!

Food in Japan has a reputation for being healthy and portions being quite small compared to those in Western countries but, there are many options available for those who have huge appetites.

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