Japanese-Jobs.com has entered into a business cooperation with Japan Immigration Comprehensive Information Website “訪日ラボ”.

Introduction of “訪日ラボ”

“訪日ラボ” started service in 2015 as an inbound comprehensive information website. They provide service to inbound principal and head of market operations in Japan with the information of with updated information, such as, inbound current news and inbound cases, inbound data analysis, inbound solution, etc.

Besides, in 2017, they also released a free service comparison and information request site “訪日コム” specializing in inbound countermeasure service. The website has posted more than 800 inbound countermeasure services and it is possible to see similar inbound countermeasure services across comparative items, so that make the features of inbound measurement much easier to understand.

We will continue to support various companies that are troubled with inbound measures with the aim of contributing to the development of the inbound industry through “訪日ラボ” and “訪日コム”.


“訪日ラボ”Home page: https://honichi.com/

“訪日コム”Home page: https://service.honichi.com/


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