Job board for Japanese speakers is produced by Kamome, a job search website operator and overseas human resource business of Recruit (which is number one in the world* for job board revenue).

※Recruit group is the global No.1 job board provider(SIA reporting 2015 Annual Revenue(2,273 USD million)(SIA)


Some features are not opened yet, please stay tuned

1. The world's largest Job Board for Japanese speakers.

RGF, the talent introducing company with the largest number of Japanese enterprises information across Asia and Kamome, a recruiting website which has relationship with more than 2,000 Japanese companies in Asia, are now joining a partnership to meet the Japanese recruitment demands for 11 countries and regions around the world.

2. Searching for job opportunities by Japanese language skills.

Basing on the Japanese skills, we can provide job searching service by all kinds of conditions. At the same time, our website will have more job orders listed in local language comparing to other similar websites to make details much more understandable.

3. Showing out your Japanese capability!

Job seekers can use the function of "Japanese language capabilities Assessment" to show your own Japanese communication skills and fully display their abilities to enterprises. In addition, you can also use the function of "Voice Chat" to communicate with your desirable company directly.

*You can use the function of "Japanese language capabilities Assessment" on China service page of website.

4. Smart Phone friendly UI and voice chat function between you and companies!

To use our function of "Voice Chat", you can do direct communication with those companies who also have voice chat service. You can easily complete many processes and use those functions through your smart phone, such as searching for recruiting information, managing application and communicating with enterprises.

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About the operating company is operated by Kamome, a part of RGF Human Recourse Consulting Shanghai Co., Ltd. With the slogan of "Providing employment opportunities in Asia to Japanese job seekers", Kamome developed a website of "Kamome China Career Change + Asia" to provide overseas employment information to Japanese speakers. RGF Human Recourse Consulting Shanghai Co., Ltd is a group company of Recruit Holdings, the largest comprehensive human resource service provider and number one in the world for job board revenue.