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Pick Up Some Great Bargains for Speciality Goods at Ueno’s Biggest Market “Ame Yoko”!

On this trip, we headed to Ame Yoko in Ueno, one of Japan’s biggest markets. All year round this market is bustling with people and it’s not just filled with Japanese tourists but also tourists from other countries. Walking through the market, the welcoming voices of vendors resonate through the streets, selling so many goods that there is sometimes barely enough space to walk.

Our reporters stopped by at a vendor that sold chocolates which were considered one of the local delicacies. As it is well known by the public, our reporters felt it absolutely essential that they check it out. The manager of the vendor called out to welcome customers in a loud voice as he busily jammed chocolates into bags. I wonder if you’ll get plenty of chocolates if you compliment him enough.

The sales began. The manager continued to bag chocolates and the number of chocolates ready for sale increased as he promoted the products in a booming voice. Alisa burst into laughter at just how much intensity the manager was calling out to customers while Tina watched in wonder with wide, dreamy eyes. They both got so many freebies. And after the sale ended, they were in for a surprise when they saw how much chocolate they now had. The manager was a cheerful man who looked like he thoroughly enjoyed his job too so it made their experience that much better.

Across a total distance of just 500 meters in Ame Market, you’ll find 400 different stalls selling jewelry, cosmetics, miscellaneous goods, clothing, shoes, bags and more, meaning that you are pretty much guaranteed to find what you’re looking for.

Inside there are also seafood vendors which have staff that call customers to take a look at what they have on offer with so much intensity and enthusiasm that just by watching it all you’ll feel as though you’re standing in a seafood market! The price is surprisingly cheap too so quite a few people come all the way to Ame Yoko just to buy the seafood being sold.

We visited Ame Yoko on a weekday but if you come during Christmas, New Years or other holidays, you’ll find it very difficult to even walk with all the crowds that gather during those times. If you do decide to battle the crowds during those holidays though, you’ll be rewarded with even cheaper priced goods than usual. If you come to the area for sightseeing, you should definitely think about dropping by at Ame Yoko to get your hands on some great bargains


Ame Yoko

Address : 6-3-11, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Nearest Station : Ueno, Okachimachi

TEL : 03-3832-5053


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